Saturday, October 4, 2008

My bike frame cannot be repaired. So I got a new bike!!!

Yeah, Craig at Boulevard Cycles told me that he will see if getting a new frame under warranty is possible, but not to hold my breath. He looked at the broken pieces and said there was very little hope (kept repeating, "no bueno" I think that's the only spanish he can speak LOL).

I wasn't surprised really. I had already decided yesterday that the next time I get paid (two weeks from now), I will just take a few trains up to LA Flying Pigeon up in Highland Park and buy a Flying Pigeon. Like I mentioned in a previous post, it would be just a few bucks cheaper than the piece of crap Raleigh that I had. I said as much to my coworker/friend who happened to show up at the shop while I was there and my brother who gave me and my doomed bicycle a ride to the shop. They were both there with me to hear Craig's grim prognosis.

While my brother and I were on our way home, I muttered a few times "just two more weeks, just two more weeks, just two more weeks". Bro told me that he can lend me the money and I can get the bike now and pay him back in two weeks. So I took that money and got on the train from the San Fernando Valley to LA. I don't usually borrow money from my bro, and vice versa, but I couldn't pass this up. I hadn't riden a bike since Tuesday and the prospect of two weeks with no bike felt horrible.

Flying Pigeon Los Angeles is AWESOME! The guys were really nice and I cannot suggest them enough! Their bikes are pretty sweet. They let me take a few pictures of the bikes. They asked about my blog so I told them all about it and I told them that I heard about them from SoapboxLA (link to the left). I also let them know that I was going to do a little write up about them.

I just wanted to post some pretty pictures.

The Pink is a work in progress

That last one is the one I bought (outside the burrito shop near Flying Pigeon LA). I was *this close*to buying a red one. But I decided on black, it is my favorite color after all.

Oh, I don't know why I didn't take any pictures of the men's Flying Pigeon. But yes, they do have a men's version, in black only.

I decided to stop by Trader Joe's on the way home. The bag fits perfectly in the basket.

I just need some new pannier bags on the back, because the steel is a bit thick and my old pannier bags do not fit on them. Any suggestions? Remember, go everywhere on my bike, so I would need something suitable for work and shopping.

Also, I need some help naming my bike. Any suggestions?


me said...

Glad to hear things turned out alright! By random chance, I came across Green LA Girls link to your blog about your broken bike. I realized your story it sounded identical to the story the chick I saw at the Boulevard Cycles on told me on Saturday, only to find out it was you!

I am just starting out on my new blog for more environmentally oriented stuff (I've been blogging personally for over 8 years), but it sounds like we have some common interests!

Anonymous said...

also glad to read about your new bike. as for panniers, i would highly recommend ortlieb back roller classics. i've had them for a year, used in rain and snow, no problems. they're expensive, yes, but will last.

scott, boston

Crazy Commuting Cyclist said...

I am glad your back on a bike. Bummer about the old one. I think I would write a letter to Raleigh (if you have not yet) and let them know how you realy feel about the broken bike.
For panniers; have you checked out banjo brothers or minnihaha? They have so cool stuff. I have used a banjo brother messanger bag for a year and it has held up very well.
The only name I can think of for your bike is "Black Widow" You could paint an hour glass on the neck. Sorry not very creative.

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