Saturday, November 1, 2008

So, remember that WSJ article I was in?

You can read about it here

A few nights ago I get an email from the reporter who wrote the article.

Some one from the LAPD got in touch with her and asked her for my information. The Seargent has been tasked with attempting to find out more information regarding the streets mentioned in the article. The guy is in Charge of the Community Traffic Services Unit, Valley Traffic Division, LAPD. He asked for me by name specifically. I told her that of course she could forward my information to him as soon as possible. The Seargent called me the next afternoon. He went into great detail about ways that the LAPD want to improve conditions for cyclists. And I offered to answer his questions and help out whenever I could (if my schedule would allow it of course). They are hoping to get a lot more info and once they identify the problem areas, they have plans to set up some task forces like plain-clothes officers/cyclists and some sneaky media coverage to note problems and catch offending drivers. All this to make bicycling a bit safer and to educate the public in how to deal with us on the road and how to bike safely.

I'm very excited about this. It looks like there is hope for the valley...


Zanna Barnowl said...

That is very cool, Metal!!

Crazy Commuting Cyclist said...

Cool. You just never know what one action taken leads you to.

Jett said...

It's great what a little media attention can do. Too bad that simply riding your bike and obeying the traffic laws doesn't make for a better story.

me said...

Wow, that is exciting! I bike in the same areas, so I am glad to find out someone is paying attention. It is a bit confusing though because in all of the stuff going on about the planned development at the Universal Red Line Station I have been worried and asking about how they plan to make sure the area is safe for bicyclists and pedestrians with 15,000 extra car trips a day. No one has given any explanations or answers. I'm frankly wondering why nothing has already been done about bike paths near the Red Line station as the traffic around it is horrible and I don't bike there if I can avoid it. It is, however, only 3 miles from the current NBC/Universal buildings in Burbank. That is a completely bikeable distance!

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