Saturday, June 27, 2009

After the coffeehouse

So I mentioned in yesterday's blog that I was probably going to check out Wheelhouse Bikes. I had enough time before meeting up with friends and found it easily enough.

Oh man, I had no idea I was going to find the bike shop of my dreams. They stock Batavus and other European style city bikes including Omafiets (or "damecykler" for ladies) and Opafiets (or "herrecykler" for gentlemen). They also do custom builds/modifications turning beach cruisers into surf cruisers. I'm so not into beach cruisers but the surf cruiser I saw looked pretty awesome. They stock both classic/retro bikes and street/mountain/modern bikes but I'm always intrigued by the "sit-up-and-beg" bikes.

The guys working at the shop were totally nice and imformative. I mentioned that I owned a Flying Pigeon and was told by my Los Angeles bike guy, Josef, that he sold another to a guy who works on bikes in SB. I was worried that when I did move up that I would not be able to find someone who could work on my bike. My Flying Pigeon is doing fine, I've had minimal problems on it since I got it and most were from flats on the rear tire and I wasn't able to work around the enclosed chain case (and that one time my extra long cardigan got caught in the chain case while I was speeding home). I do remember Josef telling me that some of the FPs are just faulty because of the chinese workmanship but after replacing a few things on my bike, it's pretty smooth.

Well, I didn't have to search hard enough to find the one Flying Pigeon owner in Santa Barbara because the Wheelhouse is his shop. He wasn't in so I'll have to come back and see him, that will not be a problem because I'm sure this shop will be my new bike shop hang out once I move up here. And it's relatively close, I don't have to walk a few miles, take a bus, then the subway, then the light rail train to get to it :)

I got a tour of the shop, they stock Basil accessories , Alchemy Goods and Nutcase helmets. I love all these brands, Basil because they are so stylish, Alchemy because the products are made with recycled tires and tubes (I need a new wallet) and Nutcase because I don't like the helmet I have (it's old and so not my style). (EW)

They let me take pictures, so now, on to the bike pr0n!!

These Bakfiets are perfect for hauling along your significant other, children, friends or goodies from Costco.

Look at this crazy cargo bike!

OMG another view of this crazy cargo bike!

some Batavus bikes

An Oma bike and some Xtracycles

that brown thing in the back is a surf cruiser, if it's still there the next time I visit, I'll get a better picture.

Basil (pannier) bags and Nutcase helmets <3

DUDE! This is a conference bike, 7 people can ride it.

I've never seen these in person, only on youtube:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the fantastical photos! I am officially jealous of your bike shoppe.

Filigree said...

Wow, that is a nice shop. I love the enormous cargo trikes.

spiderleggreen said...

that vid is hilarious! leave it to beaver. glad to see that dutch bikes are coming to socal.

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out riding
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