Tuesday, July 28, 2009

dude, seriously

So I got a new job. They called and asked to interview me while I was working at my old job and just days before I moved up to Santa Barbara. I interviewed just days after I moved up, it was a great interview, I tweeted all about it. And a couple of days later, that Friday, EXACTLY a week after I moved up, I was offered the job.

It's a great job, I get to wear scrubs, the Dr is awesome, the coworkers are pretty cool, I seem to be catching up pretty quick and the patients are just the most charming (well most of them).

The commute to work is only 4.5 miles, all downhill. The commute home is the same distance, all uphill and oh boy, are there hills. Those damn hills kick my ass.

I really need to convert my single speed bike to a three speed or something, seriously. I've spoken to the guys at Wheelhouse bikes (link to the side) and they will see what they can do about my bike. I don't want to have them work on it until I go to school, as my schedule will not allow me time to bike from work to school.

So, couple the hills with the first time having a job that does not allow me to sit on my bum all day and I am just one exhausted broad. I'll get used to this.

One of these days, when I am not so busy and/or dead on my feet, I'll ride my bike down to Goleta Beach again. The last time I went, I didn't bring my camera. But I did take this pic from the bus:

I don't see views like that on the bus where I come from (San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles).

I also treated myself to the black and white Basil pannier bag from the previous post and this Nutcase Helmet:

It's so comfortable and cute. As you can see, I have a black and white thing going on, you should see my Doc Martens (b/w). I've gotten a lot of compliments on the Basil Bag, people seem to think it's a purse. LMAO

Dude, but seriously, I'm so tired, trying to finish a glass of Curtis Viognier without passing out (I deserve this glass of wine).


out riding

out riding
riding my flying pigeon