Sunday, July 20, 2008

I got an award at work...

So during one of our most recent department meetings, my boss presented me with an award for going above and beyond to help one of my team members improve. It was unexpected and a pleasant surprise. I've been commended on my work before, but this time was different as my boss gave me an access code and a link to an award page on our company website to select a prize. I didn't even know my company did that.

I could choose from MANY products such as a coffee maker, fancy blender, jewelry, spa gift certificates, a massager (LOL), fruit/cheese basket, fishing and camping supplies etc. The only cycling gear or gadget listed on the site containing over a hundred items in my specific price range/award level was a Trek Incite 8I cyclo-computer. So I got that!

I've researched cyclo-computers before and just thought that I couldn't really justify spending so much money on such a small gadget. So this is a real treat! Now I can track my speed and miles! :D


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Crazy Commuting Cyclist said...

Good Job! It is cool that you got something for your bike. Most of the time awards are little nick knacks or trinkets that just collect dust on the shelf.
Enjoy the computer.

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out riding
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