Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I got another award at work today...

Because I rocked so hard here at work in 2008. I received a couple of awards here in the past, both were Bronze level. This was a Gold level. So the items that I can choose to receive for my hard work were significantly worth more.

I could choose from a list that contained anything from a cappucino maker, a stereo set, camping gear, jewelry, Ipod w/speakers, guitars and many other items. Even a freaking chainsaw. That rocked, my coworkers and I LOL'd hard.

They even had a few bicycles listed. Some beach cruisers, GMC Denali Road bike, male and female Shogun Shockwave Mountain bikes. I googled the hell out of the brands of bikes they had to find more information but google was not my friend today. I was thinking about getting a Shogun mountain bike but the site did not list the frame size and I couldn't find any details online so I decided to pass on that.

I did get the ladies beach cruiser though. Even though I said I don't really dig the beach cruiser style. But the Ladies 26" Kent Stone Harbor Cruiser Bike was really pretty. It's got a step through frame that pleases my eye more than the male beach cruisers (I just dont like that up curve on men's bikes).

I am a little nervous because it has coaster brakes. I haven't ridden a coaster brake bike since I was a kid. I just don't want to wipe out on my first ride.

So yeah, I'm getting a beach cruiser. For free. From my company, because I kicked ass. I always wanted an extra bike, just in case my Flying Pigeon has a flat or needs work, I don't have to be stranded or stuck taking the bus.

So this works out just fine. Did I mention that today is my birthday? I got flowers from my boyfriend and lunch from my friends. And a free bike from my job. :D I'll post pics when I get the bike, should be in two weeks.

ZOMG, Righteous Metal Broad on a pink bike LMAO!! Just picture it!


RidingPretty said...

Congrats to you all the same even if it is a PINK cruiser. Really, have fun. Nice reward!

RidingPretty said...

Oh, Happy Birthday too!!!

Zanna Russell said...

Yay for you!! Nice that your work appreciates your efforts.

Anonymous said...

I ride a pink cruiser, and I never thought I would. But it makes me exceedingly happy. I hope it does the same for you, though that flying pigeon? That's seriously swoon-worthy.

Congrats on the prize!

out riding

out riding
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