Saturday, January 31, 2009

I got my new saddle!

:D !!

Santa Ana winds or no, I put that thing on as soon as I could and set out riding to work. It had been 8 days since my last real ride and my body, mind and soul needed it.

It's an Electra Amsterdam Style Cruiser Saddle. I'm not into cruiser bikes at all, I don't like the curvy style of the frame or the oversized handlebars. And I'm not going to even go into how pissed off I get whenever someone mistakes my sleek Flying Pigeon for a beach cruiser. It's a freakin' city bike, it helped hundreds of thousands of Chinese get around for the past 60 years. Not my bike, of course, it just helps me get around. But the whole Flying Pigeon brand. Besides, I would like to see someone take a 48 pound bike like mine out to the beach for a gentle stroll. LOL

Anyway, because I cannot afford a Brooks Saddle, I figured this was the best way to go. It's leather, it's cushy, comfy and cute.

The extra cushion adds a bit more height to the bike so I am straightening my legs and putting the balls of my feet on the pedals instead of keeping my knees slightly bent when my legs are extended in pedaling. KWIM?

I gotta figure out how to lower my seat post. Anyone have any bright ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful saddle, beautiful bike! Def. not a beach cruiser :)

out riding

out riding
riding my flying pigeon