Saturday, January 31, 2009

I got my new saddle!

:D !!

Santa Ana winds or no, I put that thing on as soon as I could and set out riding to work. It had been 8 days since my last real ride and my body, mind and soul needed it.

It's an Electra Amsterdam Style Cruiser Saddle. I'm not into cruiser bikes at all, I don't like the curvy style of the frame or the oversized handlebars. And I'm not going to even go into how pissed off I get whenever someone mistakes my sleek Flying Pigeon for a beach cruiser. It's a freakin' city bike, it helped hundreds of thousands of Chinese get around for the past 60 years. Not my bike, of course, it just helps me get around. But the whole Flying Pigeon brand. Besides, I would like to see someone take a 48 pound bike like mine out to the beach for a gentle stroll. LOL

Anyway, because I cannot afford a Brooks Saddle, I figured this was the best way to go. It's leather, it's cushy, comfy and cute.

The extra cushion adds a bit more height to the bike so I am straightening my legs and putting the balls of my feet on the pedals instead of keeping my knees slightly bent when my legs are extended in pedaling. KWIM?

I gotta figure out how to lower my seat post. Anyone have any bright ideas?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am so NOT used to taking the bus

I never had any motion sickness problems when I was a full time bus rider. Now I get motion sickness on nearly every ride.

I cannot WAIT until my new seat gets here. I emailed my bike guy to ask for a new seat but he never emailed me back (maybe he doesn't check his mail?) so I just ordered one for myself. It's a pretty little seat too. I'll post pictures.

I cannot wait to get back in the saddle again, where I am in control of my sense of equilibrium.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

good timing

I guess my saddle broke at a good time. Today I woke up with a bad cold. And it's raining. Well, at least it's not Bronchitis. I developed that when I was a smoker and it was the reason why quitting worked. I get a flare up once a year, but not this year (knock on wood), I guess all the cycling has made my lungs stronger :D

On my way to get some throat lozenges and take the bus (wishing I had a new saddle for my bicycle).

I already miss riding.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

She's ALIVE!!!!

Yeah, I haven't blogged in forever. So, I hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Yule, New Years, etc. etc.

I've been fine, just out riding, hanging around with the boyfriend and working my fingers to the bone. My boyfriend and I started South Beach Diet after the New Year and I lost about 17 pounds in the first two weeks. Also learned a lot about my metabolism and stuff. I really needed it. Even though my commute is 30 miles round trip each day, I pretty much used that as an excuse to eat whatever the hell I wanted, and my weight loss has halted in the last few months. I actually gained weight over the holidays, bicycling and all. Now, after the past two weeks, all I need is to lose 3 more pounds and I will have officially lost 100 pounds (since leaving my Ex-husband and starting a more healthier life). 100 POUNDS!! Bicycling had a big part in that. :D

Speaking of which, if any of y'all are interested in buying a Flying Pigeon (I'm not selling mine). Might I suggest you get a few things on it replaced. Like the basket, mine is falling apart, so I will replace it soon. The tires, anyone who commutes and rides as much as I do should look into investing some good tires. My bike guy is going to put some of these on my bike. I can't wait.

Also, replace the seat. My saddle is comfortable, I can ride for 30 miles with no problem, but my seat broke tonight! I was already planning on replacing it, but I hoped it would be on my own terms. One of the suspension coils just snapped 5 miles into my ride home from work. Even though I've lost 97 pounds, that is a pretty big blow to my self-esteem. damn saddle.

I wonder if my bike guy can replace it. Even if he can, LA Flying Pigeon shop is closed until February, so I will be out of the saddle until at least then. They are busy taking a very well deserved vacation.

out riding

out riding
riding my flying pigeon