Monday, August 11, 2008

I almost got hit tonight

Yeah sure, it happens.
But what upsets me so much about it this time was this was on the bike path. Not a bike lane, but a bike PATH, well away from the street. The very same bike path I ride every night. It was dark but I was wearing a bright blue t-shirt and my white head light and red tail lights were bright and blinking. I dp my best to be visible because most of the riding I do is at night.

The guy I guess thought he saw a driveway, when there was NONE, and pulled in real fast to make a U Turn without seeing me. Thank goodness my brakes are in good working order or else i would have been creamed. He saw me at the last minute and stopped IN THE BIKE PATH when I hit my brakes, then saw that I was breaking and started to go, then stop, then go, waiting for me to get out of his way. Like I had the audacity to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now I have been trying to cut back on my road rage as I don't want to flip off or scream at one driver then have that driver take out his/her anger on the next cyclist he/she sees. But I cussed a blue streak at this guy. Sure it was nighttime but dammit, you don't pull into a bike path to try to make a U Turn.

Note: the bike path is alongside a very wide street. The street itself is wide enough to allow a U Turn. Trust me, I used to drive an SUV and made many a U Turn in this area.


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