Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yeah, so I got a flat last night...

I got off the bike and and found a thorn in my front tire. Took the thorn out and immediately heard the unmistakable sound of air escaping.

I would have stopped and just patched up the hole right then and there but remembered it was nighttime (hard to see the hole) and I was in a bad neighborhood. So I just decided to walk the two miles home. It wasn't bad.

I got home, felt up my tire, found nothing out of the ordinary. This was the second time fixing a flat and it was much easier this time 'round. I remember getting my tire off and on the rim the last time and how I messed up my cuticles and I was stoked that I had tire jacks (for serious, I'm such a n00b). Replacing my tube was a breeze. Finally got to use my new tire pump, now my tire is nearly rock hard full of air.

I even adjusted my brakes, because one side was rubbing up against the rim. I am so happy for taking that bicycle repair class, the knowledge has already been put to great use.

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