Monday, June 2, 2008

So I've been riding more...

(Originally posted on myspace 5/2/08)

Yeah, so since that time I rode all the way home from work, I just haven't taken the bus at night anymore. I've been riding home every night after work.

It's just plain unsafe, seeing as how we belong in the streets, it gets bad on Thursdays and Fridays when more and more people are out. And you know they've been drinking. See, I work late, so I am always riding home at night. It's great, because it's cooler at night and sure there are less people, but it's still dangerous. You see people swerving and shit. I've almost been clipped a couple of times.

So I've been riding a few miles out of the way to hit up the Orange Line bicycle path. It's bitchin' I can just speed on my bike all the way home and all I have to worry about are the red lights and bugs. I may hate bugs, but dodging them isnt' as bad as dodging crazy drivers.

So, riding the orange line bike path has added 4 miles to my ride, because it's out of my way. I'm not complaining about that, because it's loads safer.

Count the two miles I do every morning and that's 17 miles a day.

Not counting those days I add miles to my ride when going shopping. Not including weekends as well. While I love riding, most of it is commuting.

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